This is my Field of Dreams


“If you build it, they will come.”

I’ve been blogging now for over ten years in one forum or another. As an early adopter of the Internet, I can remember paying AOL $10/hr. prime time to connect with other like-minded, geeky souls. I cruised the chat rooms of the Undernet long before there were enough people to cause a ‘netsplit.’ I have always felt more at home in cyberspace than in the real world. Yet through it all, I have never retreated here to my home amongst the pixels. I have built a career, friendships and a life outside the cold blackness of cyberspace.

But my vision has always been to use this medium to touch more lives than I could ever possibly physically touch in the real world. To help others understand the powerful tool that we’ve been entrusted with, this Internet. I understood its potential long before others did. It’s too bad I didn’t really have the drive to profit from it in the early days. I have no doubt I could have amassed a fortune. But that’s not my calling, it’s not my passion. There is something deep in my soul that cries out for me to just write. To blog, to be an essayist in the age of information.

With the advent of e-publishing, the nature of information is changing. People are starting to charge for the value of their information, rather than the cost+percentage model of traditional publishing. But in the end, the fact still remains that content is king, and the Internet, and all of its e-marvels will not change that. Slowly, those voices who speak the truth shall rise up out of the flotsam and jetsam of those out to make a quick buck, and publishing as we know it will be forever changed. It’s happening right now.

So this is my field of dreams. Welcome. I hope you find me entertaining at the very least, inspiring at my very best.

Ciao for now.

The healing power of sleep

Please remember, the words in this blog are not meant to convey any type of medical advice. They are merely a representation of how I have experienced life, and nothing more. In fact, the whole purpose of this blog is to encourage people to find their own way, to question the status quo, and to find out what is best for *them* in the face of any conventional dogma.

In 2007 I survived ovarian cancer. During the weeks that lead up to my surgery, I slept for 16-18 hours a day. Once removed, and as my energy returned, I slept fewer and fewer hours, but as I was out of work on FLMA, I allowed myself to just sleep if I felt it necessary.

I’m not sure I buy into the dogma of 7-9 hours a sleep per night. When I am feeling at my peak, I need only 5-6 hours a night to perform at my best. Other times, when things are stressful, or if I’m not eating properly, I need more than 9 hours to make me feel rested.

Take today, for example. I’ve gotten around 6-7 hours of sleep per night this week, yet today, for whatever reason, my body has felt like sleeping. So today, I’ve gotten up, done a few things around the house, and gone back to bed, slept for 2-3 hours, and repeated the process. I’ve actually gotten a LOT of sleep since last night, but I’ve done so at my body’s command, not out of any sleep expert’s recommendation.

I guess the point of this is that this is a very good indicator of how I live my life. I listen to my body, I read and analyze the current literature, and then I come to my own conclusions. Were I not working in corporate America, I am convinced my most natural sleep pattern would actually be that of a bi-phasic sleeper. (Google the term and learn about it, they say that Albert Einstein was actually a bi-phasic sleeper).

Sleep heals both the mind and the body. I do believe that most people get too little sleep, but I think that comes in part from feeling that they only need to lay down to sleep once each day.

Ciao for now.

Something to consider

I’ve heard it said that only two percent of the population succeeds at any endeavor. Now, that seems quite daunting when we consider only 100 people. But say we’re considering 10,000 people… that number grows to 200 successes. The current world population is approximately 6.9 billion people. Two percent of the world’s population is 138,000,000. One hundred and thirty-eight million people who will ‘succeed’ by any definition.

Success comes on ¬†your own terms. Don’t talk yourself out of success, the odds are still in your favor because not all people aim for the same targets. Choose your targets, focus and you will succeed, period. The only person who can get in the way of that is you.

Ciao for now.

A catharsis provided by tears

I cry, a lot. But it’s because beauty and joy move me to tears. I have learned that I don’t tend to cry in sadness. I’m very stoic when bad things are happening around me. Then, I hold back the tears, mostly from a fear that once they started, I would never be able to make them stop.

But when I read or hear or see something beautiful? Poignant? Touching? I’m a big old pile of mush. Seems like I’ve been finding a lot more beauty to cry about these days. I think its a good thing, but I wanted to write about it anyway.

I just wanted to say I think tears get a bad wrap. In my life, they’re liberating and joyful.

Ciao for now.

My thoughts on Oprah

For the last 25 years, Oprah Winfrey has changed lives all over the world. Sadly, I never got to watch many of her shows, as they’re part of daytime television, and for many of those 25 years, I didn’t even own a TV set. But her presence was everywhere. You could not escape Oprah’s reach. She was in the serious news, the tabloid news, and the news of her own making. A more generous spirit and heart could not be found. Oprah’s dedication to her viewing audience, and women around the world was legendary.

Oprah is legendary. She has built a media empire from nothing. She will continue, through OWN, to change the world and television as we know it. The word ‘philanthropist’ should include a picture of Oprah in its entry. A devout follower of the principles of the “Law of Attraction,” she has hosted many Hay House authors and other leading edge luminaries on her show. If anyone ever doubts the power of the Law of Attraction (like attracts like), they need only to look to Oprah for example.

When asked what will I write on my “check to the Universe” – I’ve always joked, “I want to be “Oprah Winfrey rich.”

I only caught clips from Oprah’s final episodes this week. One of those, however, was Kristin Chenowith singing “For Good” to Oprah, with the students of Morehouse college filing into the auditorium, candles in hand. I was overwhelmed with emotion, watching as Oprah finally allowed her own tears to fall.

And that’s when it struck me. That’s when the Universe reached out and bitch-slapped me.

I don’t want to be Oprah Winfrey rich.

I want to be Oprah Winfrey good.

Ciao for now.