House Rules

These are important to me. This is my house, and even as a welcome visitor, you are expected to behave yourself.

I encourage discussion, however, in an attempt to keep things fresh and inviting, the comment threads are closed after two weeks.

Please register to comment, I have chosen to use this feature to cut down the amount of ‘spam’ on this blog.

No more than one hyperlink per comment, or your comment will be immediately thrown into the moderation queue. Everyone will be moderated in the beginning, but the blog is set so that once you have an approved comment, your future comments will not be moderated unless they violate the ‘more than one hyperlink’ rule.

Please provide relevant feedback, not just “I like this, now come visit my blog/website, etc.” I may or may not visit your site if it looks interesting, and you can be sure you won’t get free publicity from my site unless you’re providing dynamic, relevant content for my readers.

Please be kind to one another. I will shut down a flame war in comments quicker than… well, I can’t think of a great analogy right now. This is meant to be a positive place of love and support for all, even when people have different views. Tolerance is practiced here for everyone except those that practice hate in any form.

All of the photography on this site is mine. Please don’t download the images without my permission. All of the photography here is available for sale as well, as either loose or framed images. Please contact me through this website if you are interested in purchasing digital images for use on the Internet.

Ciao for now.

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