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New digs, new look

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Back up and running on SiteGround with an entirely new look to go with my new host. I’ve got so many irons in the fire, here is a rundown of everything that I did yesterday:

  • Wrote an article on 15 Free Plagiarism Trackers for training site
  • Wrote an article on creating reviews for training site
  • Uploaded Beta Test Promo video to YouTube for training site
  • Created logo for training site (still needs some tweaking, I’ve decided it’s too dark)
  • Uploaded logo to profile image on the Facebook page for  thet raining site
  • Updated plug-ins for this site
  • Chose a new theme, for this site
  • Watched the theme tutorials
  • Configured the new theme, some tweaks may still occur
  • Reinstalled the Wikibuys extension on Chrome
  • Wrote/mailed my weekly letter to Dad
  • Sent out daily GML message
  • Washed/dried comforter
  • Washed/dried linens
  • Remade bed
  • Unpacked monthly Amazon grocery order
  • Spoke with Executive Direction of Freedom Overground about taxes and other miscellany

I somehow made it through the day without a nap but went to bed shortly after 7 p.m. Yet, here I am, awake again after four hours of rest, with indigestion once more

I am exhausted but too gassy to sleep. I have only myself to thank for this and you’d better believe I’m fasting today to flush all of this crap out of my system. The “up” side is that I tend to be hellaciously creative when I am in this kind of “physical funk.” It’s different from a fibro fog.

I did n’t get anything done on my eCourse yesterday, but I am now tracking all activities in order to hold myself accountable to my “system.” We’ll see how that goes.

May you love the life you create for yourself. Namaste & ciao for now.


  • Colette Pepperell says:

    Love this new look! Printing is larger and clearer and it just generally looks ‘cleaner and fresher’. Good job!

    • Mel says:

      Glad you like the redesign. I’m loving Thrive Themes. Easier to work with than Divi. I’d still recommend either (and will do product reviews on each). I’m not going to do separate Quote of the Day posts any longer, just include them as “featured images” on my posts.

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