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Taking a Deep Breath

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My body keeps reminding me why I retired. I’ve decided to listen to it and stop working seven days a week. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be posting every day, but I was reminded now that I’m no longer on my previous host, I can schedule posts in advance (in theory).

So this morning, I’m going to see if the chron jobs run properly. I’m writing the post early in the morning, but not releasing it until 8 a.m. If that works, that gives me more flexibility in the future.

I didn’t do diddly yesterday, but that’s OK. I think I’ve finally got my body back on a semblance of a schedule. We’ll find out for sure today. I can’t drink carbonated beverages anymore, not because of caffeine, but because they cause me to be horribly gassy and unable to sleep, no matter what time of the day that they were consumed, and no matter what brand or flavor they were.

There are days when I think that maybe if I live another forty years, I might finally get my sh*t together. I notice that my life is a mighty pendulum, swinging between bouts of creativity in my work life, and accomplishment on the home front on the other end. Swinging in wide arcs, I never seem to get both ends of the spectrum under control at the same time. I’m hoping my new “system” will help to resolve that, but only time will tell.

I haven’t eaten any elephant in quite a few weeks. It’s time to start again, especially since I’d like to have all of that organizational stuff accomplished by the second anniversary of my initial move-in date (the 27th of this month).

I just had an interesting idea for a new kind of gratitude exercise that I want to start. I’m going to use Facebook for it, however, as my reach is still larger there, and somehow, even though all my posts are “Public” it seems more intimate somehow.

It’s going to be cold again here today. It’s currently 23F with a high of 41F. Because we had such a cold November this year it seems as if winter has gone on forever, even though I know that’s not the case. In fact, as I’ve mentioned before, the temperatures have not been as cold as they were last year. Of course, last year, I spent almost three weeks in the tropics, sailing through the Panama Canal.

Maybe that’s been the big difference this year. I didn’t go on “walkabout” this winter season as I had for several years prior. In many ways, I don’t miss the travel, and in other ways, it has left a hole in my heart. Que sera sera.

Time to move on to other tasks, however. May you love the life you create for yourself. Namaste & ciao for now.