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A Whirlwind of Activity

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I had a fully productive day yesterday.

My enumerated accomplishments include the following:

  • Updated main blog
  • Sent February offer to GML
  • Updated training site with a post on SEO vs. Social Media Marketing
  • Updated WordPress on my main blog
  • Updated WordPress, plug-ins on A Blog is not a Business
  • Updated WordPress, plug-ins on From Dream to Dollars
  • Updated WordPress, plug-ins on The Content Ninja
  • Updated WordPress, plug-ins on Video Introvert
  • Added Privacy Policy to A Blog is not a Business
  • Added Affiliate Disclosure to A Blog is not a Business
  • Added Privacy Policy to From Dream to Dollars
  • Added Affiliate Disclosure to From Dream to Dollars
  • Added Privacy Policy to The Content Ninja
  • Added Affiliate Disclosure to The Content Ninja
  • Added Privacy Policy to Video Introvert
  • Added Affiliate Disclosure to Video Introvert
  • Watched the next lesson in Thrive Theme’s “Course Craft”
  • Added new topic, “Question of the Day” to my training site
  • Began additional research for eCourse
  • Had my bi-weekly call with Michael
  • Registered for a new affiliate program
  • Purchased a new tool and two upgrades
  • Spent 20 min. cleaning the dining room
  • Spent 20 min. cleaning the kitchen
  • Created task list for today

I was awakened at 4:30 a.m. this morning by a thunderstorm. Mags can corroborate, the thunder here is different from anywhere I’ve ever lived before. It is louder and much much longer in duration. I’ve never lived anywhere else where the house shook so thoroughly when it thundered.

Even though I didn’t sleep well (I tried to sleep in my bed again, go figure), I decided to get up and start my day, primarily because the thunder was so loud I didn’t think that I could get back to sleep.

Happy Saturday, how was your week? May you love the life you create for yourself. Namaste & ciao for now.