Giving You My Mind, One Piece at a Time

Snow again? Really?

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We’ve already experienced our high temperature for today (39F) and are currently under a winter weather advisory for snow/ice if you listen to one forecast, but only rain if you listen to a different forecast.

The inconsistency of weather reports around here is kind of staggering. I miss the accurate weather forecasts in Atlanta, where some of the local television stations had their own staff of top-flight meteorologists. Que sera sera.

Yesterday’s mouse release was quick, I found a new way of getting them out of the traps without having to get out of the car myself. I kind of just turn the trap upside down and “shake” them out to the pavement while still sitting in the driver’s seat. They both scurried off in opposite directions. (And I’m not dropping them feet, just a few inches).

I’m not completely sure that there isn’t one more lurking in the house, but if there is, he didn’t set off a trap last night. I need to get *all* of my traps cleaned up, baited and repositioned throughout the house, as well as do something about the mountains of cardboard that have accumulated since the missionaries went on hiatus.

Speaking of missionaries, they did not reopen the Ash Flat mission, That means six more weeks of no boys. At least when the weather warms up, I’m more likely to get the cardboard to recycling on my own. I just detest physical work in the wintertime, my body rebels against it.

There were nine WordPress updates waiting for me this morning, eight plug-ins and a theme update. That added to my task list for today considerably as I’ll need to “touch” all of my other sites today as well (which I was not planning on doing initially).

I heard from my friend Cam yesterday that he has booked his flights to the US for his spring holiday, and will be coming to see me for a couple of days in late April. He’s going to miss the Arkansas Pie Festival the previous weekend (he’s arriving on Monday and leaving Wednesday), but I promised him I’d have a pie waiting for him when he gets here.

I realized yesterday that the tags on my car are due, it’s based on when you registered the vehicle initially, not birth date here in AR. I’m not used to that yet, so I’ll go online today to renew and then print out the receipt in case I get pulled over before I get the new sticker on the car.

Last year, I renewed and drove around with the sticker in my glove box until some time in June (my birthday – when I am conditioned to think about plate renewal) before it finally made it to the plate. Obviously, they’re not really concerned about that around here. Heck, I don’t even *see* law enforcement all that often around here.

Yesterday was my two-year anniversary of moving to AR. It’s difficult to express in words just how much my life has changed – mostly for the better. While I do miss my friends, I certainly don’t miss living in a huge metropolitan area. I’m adjusting to rural life, though, given my druthers, I think a city the size of Columbia, MO would suit me the best as there are more available services there without all the blasted traffic. LOL

But unless I win the lottery or one of my new businesses grows exponentially, this is my “toes-up” house, my “toes-up” car and just generally my “toes-up” life. “Toes-up” is a local metaphor for “they’ll take me out of this house toes-up (i.e., dead).” LOL – a little morbid, but funny.

I’m in “negotiations” with a friend who shall remain anonymous at this time, trying to arrange a visit from them before September (they have to use up their PTO bank by then). I told them that the weather is much better in May/June that it will be in July/August if you’d prefer to go outside and actually *do* stuff.

Well, my list is long today (as usual), and it’s time to hop to it. Hope things are well in your world.

May you love the life you create for yourself. Namaste & ciao for now.