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Starting in Earnest

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No enumerated list this morning. Yesterday was a good day, made progress on the house. Who knows, maybe it will even be completely tidy by the time my friend Cam comes to see me in late April. (One can always dream).

At this point, I’ve completed all the relevant coursework and it’s time to start scripting and recording my video. This is when the hard works starts and I’ve set a very aggressive release schedule for myself. The good news is that the schedule can “slip” 10 days and still make the contest deadline.

If I said I wasn’t nervous, I’d be lying. However, after viewing some of my source material yesterday, I know how badly needed my tutorials are. I can’t believe what passes as “training” on some sites. It’s as if they don’t even know how their own products work.

For all of us in the US, we’ll be “springing forward” on Sunday. It’s nuts this year. Usually the week we start DST is the week I wash/dry/fold/put away all my winter clothes. If I were to do that this year, I’d freeze to death in the coming month. A very cold spring to say the least.

Well, I hope you are all are as happy as I am. It’s time to start my day. May you love the life you create for yourself. Namaste & ciao for now.