Giving You My Mind, One Piece at a Time

Hindsight is 20/20

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No enumerated list for yesterday as it’s part of my “weekend.” I still worked on stuff, but there is no pressure to do so other than upcoming deadlines.

I am so very very blessed. I am learning more about myself daily. For someone who has been largely introspective their entire life, this actually comes as somewhat of a surprise.

I feel like I have discovered my “true calling.” When I think about it, I realize that had I set out on this path 40 years ago, I would have failed, however. I needed the discipline that my 16 years at N instilled in me. I learned so many “not fun” things that just need to be learned in order to be able to successfully run a business.

I think one reason a lot of creative types fail is that they never learn the structural, business pieces to surviving via their art.  I “suffered” for my art in a different way – by working in a confining corporate environment. It’s very liberating not only to be working for myself these days but doing it in a manner I probably never would have dreamed of initially.

I’m also doing other things to bring joy to my life. Giving up on some structure, allowing more chaos into the mix. Turning the clock back 20 years ago to when my life was more chaotic and unpredictable in all the right ways. I’m becoming “wild” again, but I use that word outside the contexts of conventional wisdom.

One of the things that I looked forward to when I first retired was getting out of a regular sleep schedule, throwing away my alarm clock, etc. So what happens? I started trying to control my sleep even more tightly than I had before – not in an alarm clock way, but still regimented. I just need to listen to my body and go on these wide sleep/no sleep swings and not worry about it. I sleep more peacefully when I do. So what if that sleep comes in the living room in my recliner at 2 p.m.? I am my own boss, after all.

I owe this all to one very special “all-night” phone call last night with someone who I believe loves me more completely than perhaps I’ve ever been loved before and in a completely platonic context. You know who you are  Thank you for being there for me.

May you love the life you create for yourself. Namaste & ciao for now.

  • petra says:

    My own mother used to say, “with age, comes wisdom”! Some learn from the experience whilst others don’t so much but glad that they passed it? Either way, I am glad that you have found your calling?

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