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Soul-Sucking Drama

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My enumerated list from yesterday;

  • Created daily quote graphic
  • Updated my main blog
  • Posted content to my training site
  • Responded to user requests on my training site
  • Client work (0.5 hrs)
  • Spent most of my time involved in “soul-sucking drama”
  • Worked on eCourse
  • Completed “bootstrap checklist”
  • Created next task list

An organization and individual that I dearly love are embroiled in soul-sucking drama with an absolute moron. The specifics involve legal action, therefore I can’t be any more specific about it. But it makes my blood boil, and those of you that know me well know that invoking my ire, much less my rage, is atypical at the very least.

Moving on and trying not to devote any more energy to something that has taken up far more of my creative time this week than necessary. The silver lining in all of this is that I will be able to become more involved in my I’m really activism and utilize my talents more fully. That makes it all worth it.

I’m really enjoying my daily audiobook time. I’ve just about run out of the shorter titles in my current library, however. This means it’s going to take more than one day to listen.  I may get a little more picky about the titles I choose as well (I had been just going down the list from shortest to longest). I also need to figure out which day of the week I’m going to start posting book reviews.

As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I’m considering starting to podcast on a regular basis. I’ve been taking a podcasting course, and I’m also considering writing one but figured I should have an active podcast to lend legitimacy to the course. I can write authoritatively on almost any subject due to my research skills and general life experience.

It’s colder again today, especially when compared to yesterday. I just have to keep reminding myself that Spring doesn’t officially begin for another few days, but I’m tired of temps below freezing, that’s for certain.

Time to get rolling. May you love the life you create for yourself. Namaste & ciao for now.