Giving You My Mind, One Piece at a Time


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My enumerated list from yesterday:

  • Created daily quote graphic
  • Updated my main blog
  • Posted content to my training site
  • Responded to user requests on my training site
  • Updated plug-ins on A Blog is not a Business
  • Updated theme on A Blog is not a Business
  • Updated plug-ins on From Dream to Dollars
  • Updated theme on From Dream to Dollars
  • Updated plug-ins on On My Own Terms
  • Updated theme on On My Own Terms
  • Updated plug-ins on The Content Ninja
  • Updated theme on The Content Ninja
  • Updated plug-ins on Video Introvert
  • Updated theme on Video Introvert
  • Worked on eCourse
  • Completed “bootstrap checklist”
  • Created next task list

Mother Nature, we need to talk. It’s now officially spring, so these temperatures in the low 20s need to freakin’ stop, OK? You are seriously harshing my mellow, yo.

There are days when I feel like my life has been reduced to merely b*tching about the weather. Even this doesn’t fulfill my desire to always be impeccable with my word, because it is a complaint.  It is exceedingly difficult to be a consistently positive person. Ha!

I’m doing a lot of soul-searching of late. It’s all good. Since I am back to square one with my eCourse, I don’t know if I’ll manage to miss the contest deadline but if I don’t, that’s OK too. I know me, it will roll out of my brain like a freight train once I have it all figured out.

My current Audible title is “The Ultimate Deepak Chopra Collection” which is a collection of 20+ hours of lectures. It’s quite fascinating. I own many of his books, and none of this material is covered in the same way in any of them. I’ll probably be listening to it for another week before I’m completely finished.

Missionary transfer call is tomorrow night. With any luck, they’ll open the Ash Flat mission again and I’ll have some helpers soon. I need to buckle down and clean up the living room. I know that the clutter contributes to my feelings of dis-ease. Plus, I’ve “lost” a couple of items in the clutter that I need to relocate.

Speaking of which, I think I’ll start my day by tidying up a bit. May you love the life you create for yourself.. Namaste & ciao for now.