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I Have Few Words Today

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My enumerated list from yesterday:

  • Created daily quote graphic for Tuesday
  • Created daily quote graphic for Wednesday
  • Updated my main blog
  • Updated plug-ins on all five websites
  • Posted content to my training site
  • Responded to user requests on my training site
  • Worked on eCourse
  • Completed “bootstrap checklist”
  • Created next task list

We didn’t have out buddy call yesterday due to a conflict on Trish’s end. We’re going to try to reconnect today. I like the direction the sales page is going in, but damn, that template I chose is loooonnnnnggggg.

Still thoroughly enjoying my Audible selection. It will be at least 2-3 more days before I finish. It will also be another 10 days or so if I decide to relisten to it before moving on to another book. We’ll see.

Damn, it’s cold again this morning, 27F. I am really going to be happy when it’s at least 45F or warmer at sunrise. I used to like cold weather, but I don’t appreciate it as much as I used to. I suppose I’ve lived in the South too long.

I’ve been deep inside my head of late, mostly precipitated by the Chopra audiobook (which is not exactly a book, it’s a series of lectures). I’m not sure what will be the end result of all this contemplation. I’ll just have to wait and see right along with the rest of you.

May you love the life you create for yourself. Namaste & ciao for now.