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Re-engineering my Life

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I spent yesterday retooling my processes. Since my enumerated list looks pretty similar each day, I broke it into two parts – the “Core 10” and the “14 Special.” The core ten are the ten things that I do daily, even on my “off days” of Sunday and Wednesday. The special 14 are the items based on the focus for each day of the week. The focus cycles through all five of my websites, though if something major (like the eCourse Games) necessitates focusing on something specific, that will occur as well.

Here is the “Core 10” (which will not be enumerated individually in the future:

  • Updated my main blog
  • Completed the “bootstrap checklist”
  • Responded to user requests on the training site
  • Sent offer to GML
  • Listened to audiobooks for one hour
  • Exercised for 20 minutes
  • Spent 20 minutes cleaning house
  • Spent 20 minutes working on the book project
  • Spent 20 minutes learning something new
  • Created task list for next day

Yesterday’s enumerated list looked like this:

  • Monday: Focus – On My Own Terms
  • Completed “Core 10”
  •  Posted Adventure Log update to the Great eCourse Adventure
  • Wrote new, shorter, sales video script
  • Recorded new audio track
  • Created new animation
  • Added music track
  • Rendered new sales video
  • Uploaded new video to YouTube
  • Inserted new video into sales page
  • Edited sales page
  • Posted sales page to the Great eCcourse Adventure forum
  • Revamped my daily checklist format
  • Spent 20 minutes working on writers’ guidelines
  • Spent 20 minutes doing competition research
  • spent 20 minutes doing keyword research
  • Spent 20 minutes doing blogger outreach

I did get to bed last night until close to midnight, however, that delay allowed me to wake naturally at sunrise this morning, which is my ultimate goal for rebalancing my circadian rhythms (yay).

The focus for the rest of the week will be creating my course and submitting by the contest deadline of Monday at 2 a.m. my time. (midnight PDT).  Initial feedback on my sales page indicates that I need to remaster the audio tracks to adjust the mix between the music and the voiceover track. I’m not sure I can get this right, given the software limitations I have. I’m not going to fool with it too long, however, because I have nine more videos to create prior to the deadline.

May you love the life you create for yourself. Namaste & ciao for now.