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On Second Thought…

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Upon further consideration, I’ve decided to stop blogging my daily checklists. It’s repetitive and boring, and no useful. for anyone but me. I can track it elsewhere, and I can also utilize snippets of that format when I’m working on case studies, etc., on the website where the activity is most appropriate.

This space is going to go back to being just the mundane details of my life. However, as I slowly restore my body’s natural circadian rhythms, this post is going to appear later in the morning, as I’m moving some of my “daily rituals” around.

I’m going to stop running for the computer upon waking. I’m going to go back to spiritual practices that I have neglected for far too long. It’s time for me to remember why I moved to the middle of nowhere to get away from the stresses of everyday life. There is powerful healing in this place, I just need to let go and let it happen.

I’m shedding a lot of baggage these days, but nothing anyone but me will see. I say this mostly because most people don’t pay the kind of attention to others that would allow them to see the subtleties of which I speak. I have a few friends that might notice, but I honestly don’t think they read this blog. Moving it off Facebook proper means that fewer people see it in their feed, and fewer still bother to click through to read it.

I continue to struggle with the feeling that blogging is an ego=driven pursuit and not in alignment with my spiritual goals. On the other hand, as remote as I am, it’s also the only indication that most people have that I am still alive on a daily basis. I

I had a productive day yesterday.  I finally got around to installing some software I purchased a while ago, and there are actually several other programs I need to take a look at an install today. The software I installed yesterday will allow me to record the voiceover tracks for my videos quickly by using text to speech technology. It will also allow me to use a male voice, which is more in alignment with how I identify.

My primary goal for today is to work on scripting my nine videos for the mini-course. The deadline is rapidly approaching, and the other piece I need to do is work on converting any necessary images in advance of assembling the videos since the free conversion program I use limits me to 10 images per day.

May you love the life you create for yourself. Namaste & ciao for now.