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I Found my Person!

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No quote graphic today, something went horribly awry with it, and I just don’t have the motivation to fix it now.

In other news, I found someone to help me run my errands twice a month. The lady who delivers for Mac’s Bistro, Amy, said she’d be willing to help me out. I’m going to pay her $50 every two weeks to load my recycling into her car, drive down to the City Center to drop it off and mail a letter to Dad, swing by the Donut Palace, and then pick up groceries at Wal-Mart (by the time we start this is May, they should be doing grocery pick-up), and help me unload the groceries. Now I just need to learn how to give myself a buzz-cut and I’ll have my “errands” covered.

Today I am going to start searching the house for my car title. I haven’t heard back from the dealership, but I was going to delay selling the car until after Cam’s visit anyway. If I can’t find the title by the time he comes, I’ll need to have him take me to the DMV in Salem to fill out a lost title request, it’s not something that can be done online.

Slowly, but surely, I’m eliminating the stresses that had popped up in my life. This is a good thing, as perceived stress (note that I said perceived) is one of the worst things you do to¬† yourself in regards to overall health. I’m eating better, sleeping better, and feeling better in general. In fact, my vision has improved to the point I probably could drive again, but the handwriting is on the wall, and there is no sense letting the car depreciate further just so I can drive it a couple of dozen times a year. I realized that I only put 2500 miles on it in the last year. Not worth the insurance payment.

I started planning for my trip to see Pentatonix in August. My friend Ed is taking a week’s vacation to come to see me and go on this adventure. I’m actually really looking forward to it. Not only are we going to go to the concert, but I’m also going to show him around my old haunts – where I went to school, the house I grew up in, etc. I booked the hotel room last night and was able to use points for the entire stay, so that part of the trip will be free, at least.

When I started thinking about all the great “touristy” things to do in KC, I realized there is just no way to do it all in just three days. I’m going to have another chat with Ed to see where his interests lie, and then take my preferences into account and see what sights we’re going to take in. More than likely, it’s going to be blazing hot while we’re there (mid-August). By that time I will have my mobility scooter and will be able to do more than if I were under my own power.

The scooter is my solution to getting my mail. I can leave it in the garage and just motor down the driveway and back up again. Plus, it will be handy when I take trips in the future. Since any trips I take will involve a driver, I’ll have someone to assist me with the scooter.

Eventually, I will need to get the house set up with a ramp into the house from the garage (easier now that there will be no car in there), and make sure to keep a “path” tidy between rooms. Those are challenges for another day, however. I’m not so bad that I can’t walk around my house, but that day is coming as well.

I’m feeling much better about things. I’m grateful for the mental capacity to solve problems like these. I’m grateful for good friends. I’m grateful for quiet country life. I really am happy here, this place makes my soul sing. I just have to ignore the meatsack problems I have.

My you love the life you create for yourself. Namaste & ciao for now.