Giving You My Mind, One Piece at a Time

My Body Clock is on Crack

I give up, the more I try to adjust my body clock, the more off-kilter I seem to go. I sat down yesterday to watch some TV at 2 p.m. and slept until 9 p.m. I got up and tried to go back to bed at midnight, but just laid awake for two hours, so I got up and started 2 a.m.

I’m still relatively wired, I ate some food at 3:30 a.m. because I was hungry, and now I’m kind of at a loss for what to do next. I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels. I have been trying to reayrange my desks, but ran into some technical issues (the cool serpantine multi-outlet turned out to have the wrong plug type – I thought it looked strange, but didn’t confirm it wouldn’t work until now. I’m trying to get my printer plugged in again. The cord doesn’t reach any of my outlets except for the one I can’t get to under my desk. LOL

I’d just give up and go back to bed, but I know I wouldn’t sleep. The temperature has plunged back into the 30s again, so I’m glad I didn’t stow away the space heater. I just kind of feel surly overall, which I know isn’t good for my health. I need an attitude adjustment. I’ll get one when Cam gets here in less than two weeks.

The Chevy dealer called yesterday and asked if I had found my title yet, and I said no, but that I wanted to hang on to the car for a couple more weeks. If I can’t find the title by the time Cam comes to visit, I’ll need him to drive me to Salem so that I can apply for a duplicate title in person – you can’t do that online.

It turns out that the mobility scooter is problematic. They are not built to climb steep grades, and I’m pretty sure that my driveway has more than a 6 degree slope. So that isn’t a solution for going to my mailbox. The brakes don’t work on my walker, so I’m leery of using it to walk downhill. I’m trying not to let these minor annoyances stress me out.

I’m still going to invest in the scooter purely for my trip to KC and other travel in the future. Honestly, I should have done that a long time ago, but Had not found any that were affordable, yet sturdy. At least I know which one I want now. I’ll wait to order it until after I sell the car and the garage is empty.

That’s it for this morning’s brain dump. May you love the life you create for yourself. Namaste & ciao for now.