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I settled down to sleep a little after 9:30 p.m. last night. Within minutes, I heard what I thought to be the mouse trap under the front windows going off. I dozed off again for maybe half an hour and then realized the noise had stopped so I turned on the lights and investigated, intending to move the trap to the garage so that I could get some sleep.

The trap was empty but had been moved about 2-3″ (which is the sound that I heard). Now, if previous experience means anything, the last time this happened was when I caught the larger vole, as opposed to the deer mice. I don’t think the deer mice are strong enough to move the trap like that.

I’ll just have to wait until I actually catch the little bastard before I’ll know the truth. Still need to wash and rebait some additional traps to increase my odds of success. Now that I’m selling the car, it becomes more important than ever to seal up any entrances as I’ll just be dumping them outside and not taking them far away like before.

I got TWO areas cleaned and organized yesterday, so I’m doing well with my project. As the piles of clutter diminish, my motivation increases. I will probably tackle the big basket of paperwork today in search of the title. This basket is one of two possible hiding places, and if I don’t find it there, then I’m going to have to tackle some stuff in the guest room to see if it’s in there.

My monthly Subscribe & Save order from Amazon will be delivered over the course of the next couple of days. I’ve gotten fairly good at juggling the inventory for dry goods, and unless Walmart can beat Amazon’s prices (doubtful, since Subscribe & Save orders get 15% off plus the 5% rebate from my Amazon credit card), I won’t be changing this. The only downside is the packaging waste, but as long as things with Amy work out, I’ve got that covered as well.

I wound up ordering 10 Banker’s boxes to help me with either donating or selling what I now consider to be excess items in the house. I’m actually going to store some stuff in the garage since I have a lot of room out there and I have things like cables, wires, chargers, etc. that might be helpful in the case of a tech emergency, but will be unimpacted by changes in temperature/humidity and can be safely stored in the garage.

Getting these things out of the house will free up some valuable space in my under desk rolling cabinets and allow me to store more of the “ugly” away from plain sight (things like paper goods and office supplies). The additional outlets that I have coming will allow me to get things like my label maker out where it can be more readily used, which will also hasten the organization process.

My health is improving daily now that I removed the pressure of competition from my life. Competition is my Kryptonite. It is against my core principles, but sometimes I fall prey to the lure of prizes money. I’m going to trust the Universe and start playing Powerball instead.

I daresay my vision is even improving enough to where I might (in time) be able to drive again but weighing the cost of ownership of a vehicle that I only used less than 2.5k miles in the last year is not worth the return when compared to the financial boost I’ll get from selling it.

Whereas others might feel stir crazy not being able to leave their house whenever they want to, I find the prospect rather comforting. This is the home I’ve always dreamed of with its wonderful vistas, wildlife, peace and quiet, far from the maddening crowd.

May you love the life you create for yourself. Namaste & ciao for now.



  • petra says:

    If you get rid of your car, you don’t have to get rid of your licence do you? If you really needed to, you could hire a call every now & then also. By the way, how do you get to visit your father? Car or Public Transport?

    • Mel says:

      q) I don’t have to get rid of my license, however, there are no car rental places around here. 2) I haven’t seen my Dad since September 2017, he doesn’t know who I am any longer. I only write. 3) There is no public transportation around here, not even taxicabs. That is why I had to find a private individual to help me run my errands.

      • petra says:

        OH OK. Sorry to hear about your father. I guess on a positive note, at least you write. Reading a letter is sometimes, as good as someone visiting you in person. I didn’t realise about your public transport system – is this normal for your area? Did you live in a country town?

        • Mel says:

          Yes, the area that I live in is quite rural and low-income. In the four towns within 20 miles of my place, there are less than 10k residents combined and the majority of them are senior citizens. No taxis, buses, or trains, there is a small regional airport, but it doesn’t house any commercial carriers, just private planes.

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