Giving You My Mind, One Piece at a Time

About Mel

Welcome to my personal blog. This site is about everything in the way that “Seinfeld” was about nothing. Although there are affiliate links on this site, its primary purpose is just to inform, not to sell. If selling happens, then that’s cool too.


My first email account was all the way back in 1979, on ARPANET. I owned both a TRS-80 Model 4 and a VIC20 that I used mostly for gaming. A friend in the military stored his Macintosh at my house back in 1983 because he was worried about it being stolen from his room in the barracks. I used it more than he did. By that time, I was already working full time as a graphic designer and living in California. Computers and I were a match made in heaven. I can’t imagine my life without them.

I built my first website in 1995 and have built hundreds of them since. I used to code everything by hand in.HTML and I can remember how many of us eschewed the use of the site-builders which are now ubiquitous. I’m glad that I had the experience with HTML because it laid a foundation for resolving issues with all the generations to come (CSS, etc.) Sometimes the old ways are still the best ways.


I stated earlier that the goal of this site isn’t to sell you something. I’m sure that surprises you, but it’s true. This site is my passion project, my public journal. I’m tired of posting to Facebook, tired of them selling my data and profiting from my activities here. Sure, I’ll still post my entries from here to social media, but I’m not going to start stuff there. The point is, this is my life, on my own terms. I want to inspire others to be unique, break the mold and go out on their own limb. I’ve got other sites that are more commercial in nature.


Most of the gurus say you can’t make money from a site that is too broad. The narrower the niche, the better. Frankly, I do believe this to be true, however, I’ve got too many opinions on too many things that I want to share with the world to focus on only ‘niche’ sites. I’ve got several, they pay the bills. I feel like each one is only a small sliver of ‘me’, however. I want to give you the whole enchilada. Not only that, the goal of this site really isn’t to make money. While I do have affiliate links, it’s more for the convenience of the reader if they’re so inspired to check out something that has made a positive difference in my life.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,