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An Odd New Normal?

First of all, don’t expect enumerated productivity lists on either Monday or Thursday mornings – I’ve declared that Sunday and Wednesdays will be my “weekends” going forward. Yeah, I know it’s not two consecutive days, but these are my “errand days” so it makes sense not to work quite as hard as the other days. […]

A Big Fat Zero

Yesterday was a big fat zero when it comes to enumerated productivity. Only slightly more productive when I consider results. I did manage to watch a bunch of tutorials on a bunch of different stuff, but I wasn’t able to take action on anything, which in my mind, makes it a zero. I also slept […]

Taking a Deep Breath

My body keeps reminding me why I retired. I’ve decided to listen to it and stop working seven days a week. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be posting every day, but I was reminded now that I’m no longer on my previous host, I can schedule posts in advance (in theory). So this morning, […]

New digs, new look

Back up and running on SiteGround with an entirely new look to go with my new host. I’ve got so many irons in the fire, here is a rundown of everything that I did yesterday: Wrote an article on 15 Free Plagiarism Trackers for training site Wrote an article on creating reviews for training site Uploaded Beta […]

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